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Top 5 Industrial Farmhouse Mirrors

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Welcome to our post where we dive into the world of industrial farmhouse mirrors and unveil our Top 5 Industrial Farmhouse Mirrors for your home. Industrial farmhouse style combines the rustic charm of farmhouse décor with the sleekness of industrial design, creating a unique aesthetic that is both timeless and on-trend. Mirrors play a crucial role in this style, adding depth, character, and functionality to any space. From weathered wood frames to metal accents, we have curated a selection of the finest industrial farmhouse mirrors that will transform your home into a captivating haven of style and sophistication.

HQiJun Decorative Arched Farmhouse Mirror

Get your Decorative Arched Mirror on Amazon Here:

The versatile and stylish wall mirror is an ideal addition to various spaces in your home. Crafted with excellent quality and premium materials, it is built to last. Its fine craftsmanship ensures durability for long-term use. Not only does this decorative mirror enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, but it also reflects the surrounding light, creating a brighter and more spacious atmosphere. The mirror's metal frame adds a touch of elegance, and installation is a breeze with the option to match each mirror with 2 nails. With different sizes available, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Made of iron and glass, this mirror is a reliable and stylish choice for enhancing your home décor.

Cates Farmhouse Horizontal Wood Framed Mirror

Get your Cates Farmhouse Mirror on Amazon Here:

The Cates mirror is a stunning addition to any farmhouse-inspired space. Its barn door-inspired design and distressed rustic brown finish exude charm and character. The mirror is crafted from quality materials, featuring wood construction with heavy-duty metal brackets for durability. With its large size, it effortlessly becomes a statement piece in any room. Whether used as a functional bathroom mirror or as a decorative accent, the Cates mirror brings warmth and style to your home. Hanging this piece is a breeze, thanks to the pre-drilled holes within the iron accents, allowing for quick and easy installation

WallBeyond Rounded Corner Arch Mirror

Get your WallBeyond Mirror on Amazon Here:

This meticulously handcrafted wall mirror boasts a sturdy frame design, using high-quality solid wood and mirror materials to ensure both durability and a consistently beautiful aesthetic. Its modern minimalist style makes it a versatile choice for any space. The mirror's crystal clear reflection is achieved through the use of an HD silver lens, providing a distortion-free visual experience. The mirror also offers easy installation with its reinforced D-ring clips on the back of the frame, allowing for horizontal or vertical hanging. This piece will instantly elevate the beauty of your space.

Rustic Farmhouse Round Mirror

Get your Round Mirror on Amazon Here:

If you're looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your home, this round wall mirror is the perfect choice. With its carved beading and rustic natural wood frame, it brings a striking and incredible look to any wall. Measuring 24 inches in diameter, it's the ideal size for various rooms in your house, adding warmth and character. The solid wood frame, made of heavy fir wood, adds a substantial and elegant touch. It instantly enhances the beauty of any room and adds light to your space. With minimal effort, you can enjoy the charm and functionality of this vintage-inspired wall mirror in no time.

TokeShimi Black Metal Rectangular Mirror

Get your TokeShimi Mirror on Amazon Here:

The TokeShimi Bathroom Mirror offers a versatile and multi-size design, with the 40x30 inch option available in gold, black, and brass silver colors, allowing customers to choose the perfect fit for their needs. This mirror is suitable for various spaces. It's brushed metal frame is crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy with thickened baking paint, ensuring durability, waterproofness, and resistance to rust. The exceptional quality of this mirror is evident in its 4-layer float technology, guaranteeing a 1:1 restoration of a real image with no distortion and fast fog dispersion. You will enjoy this simple and elegant design of this mirror.



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