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Top 5 Industrial Farmhouse Items Under $25

Updated: Jul 6

Here we will highlighting the best industrial farmhouse items that won't break the bank! Whether you're a seasoned industrial décor enthusiast or just dipping your toes into this rustic aesthetic, we've got you covered with our hand selected list of the top five items, all priced under $25. Get ready to transform your home into a stylish haven, combining the charm of a farmhouse with the ruggedness of industrial design, without straining your budget. Let's dive in and discover affordable treasures that will bring character and warmth to your space!

1. Barn Door Handles

Tibres - 8" Barn Door Handles

Get your Door Handles on Amazon Here:

The rustic barn door handles in black are a durable and reliable choice, thanks to their heavy-duty construction and satin finish. These versatile handles can be used on various applications such as gates, sheds, garages, sliding barn doors, or cabinet doors, adding a touch of elegance to any space. The universal design with its anti-corrosion powder coat ensures long-lasting quality, and the handles are easy to install without requiring specialized skills or tools. The set also includes the necessary mounting hardware, making it a convenient package overall.

2. Industrial Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

MAXvolador Industrial Ceiling Light

Get your Ceiling Light on Amazon Here:

The Industrial Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures exceeded expectations in both style and functionality. The design perfectly combines the rustic charm of farmhouse aesthetics with the sleek industrial elements, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles. The high-quality craftsmanship is evident in the sturdy construction and attention to detail. The fixtures emit a warm and inviting glow, creating a cozy ambiance in any room. Installation was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions provided. Overall, these lighting fixtures are a fantastic addition to any home, adding a touch of vintage elegance while illuminating the space beautifully.

3. Large Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Tin Milk Can Décor

Large Galvanized Metal Milk Can

Get your Metal Milk Can Décor on Amazon Here:

The Large Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Tin Milk Can is a delightful addition to any farmhouse-inspired decor. Its rustic charm and vintage appeal instantly elevate the ambiance of any room. Crafted from sturdy galvanized metal, this milk can exudes durability while adding a touch of industrial flair. The generous size allows for versatile styling options, whether as a standalone statement piece or as a creative vessel for displaying flowers, branches, or other decorative elements. The weathered finish and distressed details enhance its authenticity, giving it a timeless appeal. With its affordable price and versatile use, this farmhouse tin milk can is a must-have for those seeking to infuse their space with a rustic, countryside aesthetic.

4. Industrial Toilet Paper Holder with Wooden Shelf

Rowans Rustic Rooms Toilet Paper Holder

Get your Toilet Paper Holder on Amazon Here:

The Rowans Rustic Rooms Toilet Paper Holder is a must-have accessory for those looking to enhance their bathroom with industrial farmhouse charm. The combination of weathered wood and sturdy metal creates a perfect blend of rustic and industrial aesthetics. The holder securely accommodates multiple rolls of toilet paper, ensuring convenience and functionality. Installation was straightforward with the included hardware, and the durable construction guarantees long-lasting use. The clever design incorporates a shelf on top, providing a handy spot to store additional bathroom essentials. With its stylish appeal and practical features, this toilet paper holder elevates the look of any bathroom while keeping essentials easily accessible.

5. Vintage Metal Picture Frame

Vintage Metal Picture Frame

Get you Picture Frame on Amazon Here:

The Vintage Picture Frame is a delightful addition to any industrial farmhouse décor. The antique design and distressed finish lend an authentic vintage charm to this tabletop frame. The high-quality craftsmanship is evident in the sturdy construction and attention to detail, ensuring the frame will withstand the test of time. The versatile size accommodates various photo sizes, and the easel back allows for easy tabletop display. The frame also includes mounting hooks, providing the option for wall hanging. Whether showcasing cherished memories or displaying vintage artwork, this picture frame adds a touch of nostalgia and character to any space.

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