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4-Piece Modern Outdoor Furniture Set

Updated: Jul 9

Modern Outdoor Furniture Set

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This 4-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set is the perfect combination of industrial and farmhouse! Made with a combination of 60% wicker and 40% steel, this set is both stylish and sturdy.

One of the standout features of this Modern Outdoor Furniture Set is the comfortable seating. The ample seat space, along with the thick cushions, provides a cozy and enjoyable experience. Whether you're spending quality time with your child or snuggling with your pet, the cushions offer excellent comfort. Additionally, the detachable cushion covers make maintenance a breeze.

The Modern Outdoor Furniture Set also includes an elegant glass side table. With its black/transparent tempered glass top, it adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The table is sturdy and capable of supporting up to 75lbs of food, drinks, or other items.

Durability is another strong point of this Modern Outdoor Furniture Set. The chairs have a weight capacity of 250 pounds, ensuring that they can accommodate different body types. The addition of adjustable feet enhances stability, allowing you to relax without worrying about wobbling chairs. The exquisite weaving technology used in the construction adds a modern touch to your home's aesthetic.

In terms of specifications, the Modern Outdoor Furniture Set includes two chairs, a coffee table, and a loveseat chair. The set is light weight, making it manageable to rearrange or move around as needed. Assembly is a breeze with this patio furniture set. The instructions provided are easy to follow, and all the necessary parts are included. Within minutes, you'll have your set ready for use.

Overall, this Modern Outdoor Furniture Set combines comfort, style, and durability to make it a great addition to any outdoor space. Whether you're enjoying a sunny afternoon or hosting a gathering with friends, this set will provide the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Get your Outdoor Furniture Set on Amazon Here:


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